We have the most beautiful hand-crocheted Kippoth available anywhere in the world. We custom design the Kippoth specially for you. Available in any color scheme you can come up with.
  • 9cm - $30
  • 12cm - $45

For the Ladies . . .

  • 12cm - $45

Shipping & handling 1st $3.00; each additional $1.00

To order, please send your order to

Gold and Silver Royals
These extaordinary head coverings made in Jerusalem are produced from a rare material created in Damascus for the Saudi Arabian Royal family. Consisting of 100% silk brocade and gold thread, these incredible pieces represent what magnificent things could come out of cooperation in our region.
  • Dome shaped Kippah - $140
  • Pill box hat - $200

Shipping & handling $5.00

To order, please send your order to

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