Tying Tzitzith (according to Nusach Ashkenazi)

Step 1.

Gather together the four white ends and insert them in the corner of the garment...


We are taught that if all the Jews would keep but two Sabbaths we would usher in the Messianic Era. Forty eight years ago the Jewish people kept the first of those two Sabbaths, we call it Hakamat Hamidinah (the establishment of the State of Israel). What stands before us is the second Sabbath, the Great and Holy Sabbath in which, once again, all the Jewish people, in one mind and of one spirit, will come together to build the Holy Third Temple.

We are a generation that is writing a Bible story, the final book of Ta'anach. We are the generation that is fulfilling the ancient prophecies. We are the generation that returned - upright - to our Land. We made Aliyah, we returned from the far corners of the earth to Jerusalem.

Aliyah, however, does not stop with bringing your physical bodies, families, and assets to Eretz Yisrael. We came here because, when we were children in Hebrew School and in Sunday School, and we heard for the first time Bible stories, stories of David and the Maccabees, Devorah and Esther, we had a dream. A pure and holy dream, the dream of a child to be a King David, to be an Esther. And as we grew up we learned that there existed a State of Israel, and we took concept to reality and made Aliyah, and then some of us stopped dreaming. We became Israeli rather than Israelite. We need yet to complete the process of Aliyah, Aliyah of mindset.

We are the generation that returned to Jerusalem, WE ARE BIBLICAL CHARACTERS. So nu? Why do we dress like Russian Cossacks, lawyers and professional golfers? Beged Ivri is producing beautiful Biblical garments for you, the modern Israelite. Yes, you can once again make Aliyah, Aliyah of dress. And don't stop there...

Step 2.

...so that the techelet is on the top face like this....
Step 3.

Now space the whites, releasing for the time being the techelet strand, so that the top face (the right) is 4 inches longer than the under side (the left).

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