Tying Tzitzith - according to Nusach Sephardi (continued)

Step 9.

Prior to beginning the wraps, take the ends of the left side and tie them together in a slip knot.
Step 10.

A good suggestion is to wind the 7 whites into a column and wrap them around the pinky of your left hand; pulling taut against the garment while you are wrapping.
Step 11.

Now you begin the first set which consists of ten wraps. Holding the techelet over the whites, wrap the techelet from underneath and through...

The Talmud, referring to the verse, "This is my G-d and I will glorify Him", (Ex.15:2), explains it to mean, that it is our duty to beautify the commandments of G-d as for example to have beautiful scrolls of the Law, beautiful boothes on Succot, and beautiful fringed garments, (Shabbat 133b).
Step 12.

and tighten.

Repeat ten times.

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