Tying Tzitzith - according to Nusach HaAri z"l (continued)

Step 4.

Position the techelet fringe so that the point where the blue meets white is at the aperature of the corner, with the white side joining the white on the left, and the techelet joining on the right.

At this point either make the Brachah or say the following:

"L'shem mitzvat tzitzit"
("for the sake of the commandment of tzitzit").

Note: According to all opinions, at the begining of the tying of the fourth corner, say the words "L'shem Mitzvat Tzitzith", as the tying of the fourth corner is the completion of the act, so if G-d forbid, your attention was diverted while you were tying the first three corners, make sure to have special intention for the fourth corner.

Step 5.

Now you are ready for your first of five sets of double knots, all which will be tied right over left, left over right, so that the left side remains stationary and the right side, the one with the techelet, goes back and forth around the left.
Step 6.

right over left ...

Step 7.

and left over right ...
Step 8.

... and tighten.


Walking through the market, looking at the prices of kilos of fruits and vegetables, we see that some cost 2 Shekels a kilo, others 7 Shekels a kilo. We tend to forget that G-d provides us with all these for free. Yet we pay the vendors for our fruits and vegetables, not G-d. The vendors did not produce the fruit of the tree, nor the farmers the grain of the field, G-d did. Yet we pay the farmers and truckers and vendors and cooks. All these people present to you that which they themselves did not create. That is why a Jew, before partaking of sustenance, pays again. He pays G-d, with a Blessing.

The same can apply for cotton and wool. We at Beged Ivri acknowledge that what we present to you is not of our creation. G-d causes the cotton to grow and the sheep to turn wooly. That is why the garments that we produce from G-d's cotton and wool, we sanctify with Tzitzith (Fringes), so you can Bless G-d each time you wear them.

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